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Bill Hicks on Hey Hey It’s Saturday

Everyone needs to see this. Bill Hicks, if you don’t know, is probably one of the best comedians ever to grace this Earth before his early demise. Sometimes I wish he was still here, I would of loved to have heard his thought on the latest Bush Administration and what they got into. I just know he would of been one of the first to speak out. Listening to some of his comedy routines you’d be surprised to know he’s actually talking about Bush Senior..

Anyways, he was known for his non-censorship. He liked to swear, he liked to say his mind which makes one of his last stand ups wasn’t even aired on Letterman’s show, it left some bad feelings between the two, who were mates as far as i can tell with what I read online.

I suppose this is what makes this clip online even more amusing. For the overseas people, the show “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” started as a early morning kids tv show. Eventually throughout the years before its cancellation it became prime time’s family friendly lite entertainment variety hour (actually couple of hours at it’s height). I remember reading somewhere (I think it was Helen Razor’s book) that the host Daryl Somers told the audience not to clap after UK’s Reef demolished the set after a particularly excited performance of one of their songs. (he said “don’t clap at them. they are on drugs.” or something to that effect) You can tell why I find Bill’s appearance on this show all the more amusing. You have to say though, even not swearing the man is funny.