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I’m still hungry.. growl….

What did everyone think of the latest Doctor Who? Who needs a multi-Doctor story when he gives us fan service like this? Crossovers all over the place? I think I’ll give a proper review tomorrow. I want to sit back and watch it properly again.]

Oh, I think I finally “get” Plurk. There’s too much Fail-Whale happening in Twitter. I’m not going to diss them, as we’re not paying for any of these things but apart from the slight frustration it’s also becoming like a ghost town. There’s still the faithful there but all the cool things like the sms notices are still AWOL it’s starting to not be worth it. I still think the amount of hate that was heaved at them was unnecessary. If you’re getting something for free, you shouldn’t be acting like it’s your right for your favourite service to be operational. It should be, but obviously they haven’t expected this kind of use. I still think they should of offered a premium service but I don’t know if the extra money would really help?

I don’t know. I promised I’d never rant about this. But it’s gone on and on and on, so I don’t know any more..

I’m trying to be more sensible with my cash at the moment, putting more away and trying to pay off bills. I’m not in any financial problems at all, but not having that extra cash to mess around with, kinda sucks. I think I shall treat myself big time when payday comes around. Nice meal out? I don’t know. I have a family get together coming up in a few weeks in Broken Hill. We won’t be going out (at home party and other night dinner) and I have travel money covered, but I’ll end up buying crap while I’m at home. You betcha…