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Homes, phones and cars..

Life at the moment is having it’s ups and downs. Feeling kinda invisible at the moment, in life and online, but what can you do. People have their things, I get that. I can’t wait to go back for my weekend home. If only to see the family, should be a good time to get away from it all. Thinking holiday planning needs happening soon.

Better news however, got a phone call from the boss today. As well as a pay rise, we’re also getting new phones. We’ve had these LG CU500s for as long as the Telstra fools changed over from CDMA to 3G here in Australia. 1.2 megapixel camera, lousy battery life, a ringtone that starts soft and gets louder (and rings 5 times if your lucky). Terrible phone that I wouldnt wish upon my enemies. Dad calls me and says “I’m sorry, but the best I could do was a N95. It’ll have to do…”

Yes, he was serious. He really had no idea.

We’ll all probably have to get bluetooth earpieces for the time being, but that doesn’t bother me at all. I like the things, just my last one either hated this phone (which wouldn’t surprise me) or just a dodgy cheapo.

I also had a workmate here the other night, a quick stay on his way to Melbourne for training. Great guy, but very quiet. Difficult trying to start a conversation with the guy sometimes, he’s into classical music, chess and linux systems I’ve never even heard of. I mean, I’m geeky but this is beyond my knowledge. Luckily we both agreed on a show to watch that we both liked (and being free to air, not a lot that is good as well) – Top Gear.

I’ve grown up in a family of rev-heads. My father used to be into rally driving. My uncle and cousin have collector cars that are worth a mint. I have another uncle who only just finished working at the local Holden dealership in my home town. I mean, I like a nice car, but I’ve never been into them. And yet, I really really enjoy this show. Mainly because it’s not just about fast and beautiful cars. There’s a lot of humour in the show, whether it’s some bizarre competition across Botswana or the many strange introductions for the Stig, even watching the celebrities destroying their reasonably priced car. It looks like they have a lot of fun and it makes the show even more enjoyable. I’m currently watching the new episodes from the UK and the ones showing in Australia which are a year old. I’m not too sure if the Australian version will work though. Sure, it will be about local cars and they might have a decent budget but if it’s not as fun, it’s just another car show. And the presenters are unknowns to me. I was really hoping they’d get at least one moderately known celeb for the show. Someone with a bit of car knowledge, of course. There’s gotta be a few out of job presenters presently that love their cars, don’t you think?