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Doctor Who – Journey’s End

Martha. Rose. Sarah Jane. Every other character who is available? Check.

Russell T Davies crams as much as he can for the two part finale. He may not be leaving for another year, but I think this the concluding chapter to his four years on the show. And it’s a pretty good one too. I wouldn’t say it was prefect, but getting all the characters from the spin offs together, throwing out so many references to past stories – It’s all here. Even a second Doctor! I didn’t see that coming. I knew the regeneration would be quickly brushed off but didn’t expect that.

However, Rose continues to annoy me. Here we are, trying to be told that Rose has grown up, she doesn’t need the Doctor any more. Part One all she does is pine for him (although their initial meet up before the cliffhanger was a great moment) and when she finally gets back, she turns into child mode again. Not any more mature, still pining after the Doctor, so much so she’s given a spare Doctor. That was “interesting”, to say the least. Here’s a question, he’s meant to be an identical copy, if a little more angrier, slightly human. You think he’d like to be stuck on one planet? Living a normal life? Don’t think so. And what about Mickey? He doesn’t even get a farewell scene with Rose, I thought that was interesting. His scene with Jackie was probably the sweetest moment – “I’m going to miss you the most”. Awww. At least the rumours of a Torchwood with Martha and Mickey are probably true. We may see these two in the Whoniverse again, but I think that’s the end of the Tylers. Sad, really. I thought Rose would get a better send off than that. I was expecting her death actually.

Donna is the hero in this piece. Her DoctorDonna link was clever, and it was brilliant seeing her becoming more like him. The end with her back to the way she used to be was a little sad. I would of liked to have seen a little moment with maybe not her remembering anything, but a glimpse at her slightly changed for the better. Doctor’s moment with her grandfather was great. Shame we won’t see him again. And his moment with her mum – “try telling her that once in a while” – great to see that my main criticism of Turn Left was addressed.

Davros wasn’t that bad. Still the same old madman, although the weapon reminded me a little of the universe killer from the Big Finish Dalek Empire episode, which name completely escapes me. I think laughing Dalek Caan and his twist to the good side at the end was the best. Seeing what the Daleks really were was a top moment. And no reset switch! Thank god for that!!!

I have to give this episode 4 out of 5. I really think this episode could of done with another five or so minutes, it was very fast. That moment where all the companions all around the TARDIS saving the day was one of the best scenes from the series so far. Well done Russell. You may have had your weak moments and I am looking forward to Stephen Moffatt, but you started a show we thought long gone and made it a success again.


The Doctor’s Daughter

*The scene – BBC Wales, Doctor Who offices*

Russell T Davies- So, Steven, What’s something we can use to get the fans talking for the middle of the season?

Steven Moffatt – Hmm, got to keep people from tuning out, eh Rusty? (In my head, everyone calls him Rusty. Deal. 😉 ) What about Daleks?

Russell – Nah, too soon. Let’s keep them for an end of season thing. Not after the dreadful New York two parter.

Steven – What about Adric?

*Both crack up laughing and fall over the place for ten minutes*

Russell – Very funny. Come on, any serious ideas?

Steven – I know! Let’s give him a kid!

Russell – *giggles* Yeah, nice idea! Keep the old school fans angry and the message boards fired up.

Steven – Pub?

Russell – Yeah, sort this out tomorrow. I can’t concentrate after that Adric comment.

Okay, poor attempt at humour there, but I know for a fact Russell dreamt this up to get people talking. I suppose he’s taking the safe road by technically making her a genetic offspring, and not some one night stand in his reckless past (now THAT would be funny!) but the episode works well. Georgia Moffat (Daughter of Peter Davison, The Fifth Doctor) does a good job as Jenny. She’s cute, she’s feisty and works well as a Doctor-Lite. And a potential future companion. Having the Doctor face the past by looking into the eyes of another Time Lord is a nice moment, especially with himself and Donna. Keeping Jenny alive was a good but as well. You just know she’s going to come back to the show one day.

Donna is Donna in this episode. Again, the whole “are you a couple” but grates but Donna figuring out whats going on is a pretty good moment. Have to say though Martha stole the show. No longer in love with the Time Lord, she’s more independant and becoming another Doctor herself, not just in medical terms. That speech with the Hath? Reminded me of the speech The Doctor gave Lynda back in “Bad Wolf”. Freema is an amazing actress and I hope that they get her on Torchwood next season. To only have her reoccuring within the shows is a crime.

As for the story? I like the twist on the time-factor (not the paradox), but the alien & human working together was a little Star Trek/Darmok for my liking. Still, it worked well and otherwise we wouldn’t have that amazing moment with Freema on the surface. I can’t say enough good things about Freema in this episode. I think she did a better job than David. I mean, David’s great but we’re starting to get used to this Doctor now. I think there’s still a few surprises left in him but we’re beginning to pick how The Doctor is going to react. (off topic, that’s why I want to see him in Torchwood. To see The Doctor in a much darker setting and to see whether they’d portray him any different).

Anyways, enough Freema gushing. It’s a 4 outta 5 this week. The story wasn’t incredibly original but the acting in this episode all round was a good job. Bring on Agatha Christie!

I have to admit for a sec, when I saw the previews last week of Jenny kissing, you couldn’t see the other side’s face. I thought it was a female. Hah.

Doctor Who – Partners In Crime

Donna returns, just in time to encounter the cutest aliens the Whoniverse has ever seen.

Oh, yes. Spoilers ahoy. If you don’t want any kind of spoilers for Torchwood or Who, I’d advise you to bookmark and come back later.

Only a night after the finale of Torchwood in probably one of the most frustrating but sad endings, which seems to be Russell’s style, we have the fun romp of Who back on our screens. It looks like it’s been some time since The Titanic – The Doctor’s talking to himself, missing having someone with him and regretting his actions with Martha. (I think, one of the nicer moments Russell has given the whole Martha/Doc angle) Still, no rest for the Time Lord. He’s investigating some strange goings on with the latest diet fad gripping London. People are taking diet pills, and strangly enough, it’s actually working! The Doctor knows this is too clever for normal humans. What he doesn’t know is Donna has figured the exact thing out.

Time has passed, and she’s beginning to regret her refusual to join Team TARDIS. Who can blame her. She laments to her Grandfather (remember the old guy in Voyage? Yep. That’s Donna’s grand-dad. There’s a reason for this. It was originally meant to be played by Donna’s father but the actor passed away days after filming the first episode.) and ignores her mother, who still is annoying as ever. She’s sticking her nose into weird conspiracy things hopefully she’ll eventually bump into the Doctor again. But we join the adventure as they both sneak into the same building and (of course) continually narrowly missing each other time after time. It gets a little tedious after a while, but their eventual meeting is one of the funniest moments of the entire episode.

The alien threat and the bad guy is probably the more disappointing element of the episode. Miss “Foster” is an alien “nanny” of these little cutesy creatures that are being made out of peoples fat. The creatures are all CGI and cute, and there really isn’t a moment in the entire episode that you feel any kind of fear for these creatures. Even Miss Foster, which is a deliberate cliche of the whole “supernanny” TV craze. That’s one thing about Russell, he doesn’t do subtle well.

Still, we get a lot of running up and down corridors, the beginning of the arc mystery (bees, anyone?), a few surprises here and there and a satisfactory conclusion which is essentially a re-introduction to this year’s main Doc/Companion duo. Donna is much less annoying this time around. She’s still loud, and it looks like she’s not going to take any crap from anyone, Time Lords included. What I do like however is their relationship is set from the get-go. “Mates”. Friends, even behind the scenes they’ve said this as far as it goes. Apart from the obvious scene with Donna/Doc/Donna at the end, I thought we’d get a few moments of witty dialogue and next week’s preview. How wrong was I.

They throw this small scene at us. Brilliant, but annoying as we’re going to have to wait probably until episode ten to see what it all means. If you dont want to be spoiled, don’t click on this link –

I just hope they don’t make her so she’s still pining for The Doctor and she hasn’t moved on. I hope there’s much much more to it than that.

Either way, a good but not perfect start to the Season. 3 and a half out of 5.