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No surprises, boss..

I mean the “boss” that runs this country. I know I have a Dr. Who review due, but I want to write about this.

At the moment, there’s a lot of reports and articles, and opinions about The Labour party’s “War on Alcohol”. That’s a good a name as any. First they’re informing us that more than four middies of beer (that’s about four standard drinks) in one day counts as binge drinking. What rot. It takes more than four beers just to have a good time, unless you’re new to alcohol or a quick drunk. 🙂 Informing us isn’t their only trick – they’re rising prices on all “alco-pops”, or pre-mixed drinks as anyone who isn’t in the press calls them. I can understand why they’re doing it (strong, sweet and easy to drink), but don’t agree. All the people are going to do (older people drink these things too, it’s not just teens) are buy bottles and soft drink and make their own. Having a 700ml bottle of Vodka? I think that’s worse than a six pack of UDLs.

I’ve got an idea, Rudd. What about addressing some of the problems with depression in Australia? Not all of us live in the city. Say you live in a country town, or a remote area like a farm. You have problems with depression, what are you going to do? Drink, of course. To a lot of people in this country, they think it’s the only way to deal with their problems. Sure, this isn’t the only reason why people drink but it’s definitely up there.

As for kids, what about pumping some money into the towns so they can get the councils to organise things? I can totally understand why most kids drink these days – there’s nothing else to do. When I was 15 we had arcades, monthly live concerts, laser arcades, go karts. These days, Broken Hill has none of them. Until recently, the highlight of their weekends was to “hang at the shell”. Yes, out the front of a service station.

I understand your concern, Labour Party, I just think you’re doing this wrong and taking the lazy way out of this.


I didn’t realise, but am now excited..

Although I haven’t been as invested in this as I was with the Australian election (the American politics confuse the hell out of me, for starters), I’ve been reading this and that, thanks to a fellow LJer, webcomic artist and author James Grant.

In fact, if you have a moment, check out – this. Go back a few pages and have a read at his brilliant “Know Your Candidates”. His entries, much like his whole LJ is not safe for work, but it’s very very amusing.