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Neil, Steven and the good Doctor

First off, Have some Pork and Beans. (Thanks, Bloggasm!)

Secondly, with a week Doctor Who free (damn you, Eurovision!), we’ve have nothing but the mid season trailer (ps, awesome!) and lots of news. News is always being released for this show, but the past week has been especially good.

First off was the news that Steven Moffat is taking over Doctor Who once Russell T Davies leaves sometime in 2009. This is brilliant news. If you don’t know who he is, apart from making some of the best episodes of the new series, he’s also made some great TV in the past. From the creepy (but brilliant) sequel to Dr. Jeckyll and mr. Hyde, simply called Jekyll, to Coupling, one of the best comedy sitcoms for a long long time, to everyone over 20 favourite kids show, Press Gang. This guy has steadily made good TV for quite a while. The fact that he is a long time Dr. Who fan only makes this news better. People are all a-twitter over the news, that he’ll mix up the show and make it more in his image. I hardly think they’ll change such a successful formula (say what you like about RTD, he might make a weak ending but he has revitalised this show and made it popular for a whole new generation) but with Steven behind the wheel, I see just better things for the show in the future. Better Steven than just a TV writer who has never seen an episode before, hey?

Since this news, rumours are flying around about which writers will come to the show once the next proper 2010 season begins (2009 is a year of three specials, as David Tennant has other commitments. Better that than him leaving..). Warren Ellis quickly made his opinion (that’s not how it works were his direct words on his website) due to rumours, but the latest are Neil Gaiman. Yes, THAT Neil Gaiman. Neil has quite been happy to admit he’s a fan of the new series, writing on his blog how he watches with his daughter Maddy. He also has written for TV before (an episode of Babylon 5, the only one in the later period when the creator took over all creative input and wrote every episode), and he’s not confirming, or denying these rumours. He also writes Childrens books well, so it wouldn’t be too difficult a stretch to write something for Who. We can imagine, anyway. Two geeky things combined and probably the only way I could get my friend Julia to sit down and actually WATCH an episode of Dr. Who. Hah. 🙂

Thirdly, sorry about the links. You probably know all about this anyway, just thought I’d make sure 😉