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Links of the week – 21/07/2008

Yes, I’m a day late. Sue me.

  • The Chairs! – Probably one of the funniest wrestling videos, hell, funniest videos ever.
  • Dr. Who Season 5 – Fanfic, but I have to admit, pretty well written.
  • Ripping Yarns – Warren Ellis on Batman and nipple torture. That’s all I’ll say.
  • Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer – A hidden hoard of recordings made by the electronic music pioneer behind the Doctor Who theme has been revealed – including a dance track 20 years ahead of its time.
  • Watchmen Trailer – Yeah, you’ve all probably seen this. Here it is just in case you’ve been busy.
  • The Soup – Iphone – The Soup’s take on the iphone. I heartily agree.
  • Retconning: Just Another Day Like All The Others – This article is older, but I like it anyway. Deals about retconning in comics and the “One More Day” Spiderman storyline.
  • Illuminated – Looks like a cool anime series. Apart from the (now sold out) USB drive with the first chapter, I can’t find any other info. Is it out?
  • Mail reports Moffat chose Who over Spielberg – This just makes you even cooler in my eyes, Steven.

Links of the week – 14/07/2008

I’m starting this up so I can gather all of the links I find on a weekly basis and have them in an easily accessible place and not lose them!

John Birmingham, my favourite Australian author says what I have been thinking about the Hypephone, I mean IPhone…

Remember the Future shoes from Back To The Future 2? These aren’t some clever remakes by Nike (although I’ve heard Nike are doing something like that in the US), these are the original shoes for sale on ebay! They’re not as compact as you maybe thought, and they’ve seen better days but as a fellow Back to the Future fan, it’s about as cool as owning a Delorean.

The Lodger – The Good Old Days – My latest music find, thanks to a podcast. Indie pop, remind me a little of The Housemartins. And that’s not a bad thing.

Probably something terrible, but Doug Mulray’s Naughtiest Home Videos is getting a rerun anyway. I never saw it, and it probably wouldn’t be remembered if it wasn’t for its famous response – Kerry Packer (previous owner) calling his own station and telling them to “get this shit off the air.” I bet you it is tame as hell when it does get aired. And Channel 9 will probably hype the shit out of it – “THE SHOW OUR BOSS DIDN’T WANT YOU TO SEE!”

Bad Wolf 08 – A Dr. Who convention reported by website Behind The Sofa. Only a brief recap of the day but has some interesting bits from the Q & A sessions from stars such as Colin Baker, John Leeson, Terry Molloy, Peter Davison and Georgia Moffat.

Top Gear & Doctor Who – What if The Doctor test drove the TARDIS on Top Gear? (And what if The Stig got behind the TARDIS console?? I can dream..)