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Doctor Who – Journey’s End

Martha. Rose. Sarah Jane. Every other character who is available? Check.

Russell T Davies crams as much as he can for the two part finale. He may not be leaving for another year, but I think this the concluding chapter to his four years on the show. And it’s a pretty good one too. I wouldn’t say it was prefect, but getting all the characters from the spin offs together, throwing out so many references to past stories – It’s all here. Even a second Doctor! I didn’t see that coming. I knew the regeneration would be quickly brushed off but didn’t expect that.

However, Rose continues to annoy me. Here we are, trying to be told that Rose has grown up, she doesn’t need the Doctor any more. Part One all she does is pine for him (although their initial meet up before the cliffhanger was a great moment) and when she finally gets back, she turns into child mode again. Not any more mature, still pining after the Doctor, so much so she’s given a spare Doctor. That was “interesting”, to say the least. Here’s a question, he’s meant to be an identical copy, if a little more angrier, slightly human. You think he’d like to be stuck on one planet? Living a normal life? Don’t think so. And what about Mickey? He doesn’t even get a farewell scene with Rose, I thought that was interesting. His scene with Jackie was probably the sweetest moment – “I’m going to miss you the most”. Awww. At least the rumours of a Torchwood with Martha and Mickey are probably true. We may see these two in the Whoniverse again, but I think that’s the end of the Tylers. Sad, really. I thought Rose would get a better send off than that. I was expecting her death actually.

Donna is the hero in this piece. Her DoctorDonna link was clever, and it was brilliant seeing her becoming more like him. The end with her back to the way she used to be was a little sad. I would of liked to have seen a little moment with maybe not her remembering anything, but a glimpse at her slightly changed for the better. Doctor’s moment with her grandfather was great. Shame we won’t see him again. And his moment with her mum – “try telling her that once in a while” – great to see that my main criticism of Turn Left was addressed.

Davros wasn’t that bad. Still the same old madman, although the weapon reminded me a little of the universe killer from the Big Finish Dalek Empire episode, which name completely escapes me. I think laughing Dalek Caan and his twist to the good side at the end was the best. Seeing what the Daleks really were was a top moment. And no reset switch! Thank god for that!!!

I have to give this episode 4 out of 5. I really think this episode could of done with another five or so minutes, it was very fast. That moment where all the companions all around the TARDIS saving the day was one of the best scenes from the series so far. Well done Russell. You may have had your weak moments and I am looking forward to Stephen Moffatt, but you started a show we thought long gone and made it a success again.