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Fools Gold

Last night went out to the movies. First time in about 4 years since I’ve been to the Mildura cinemas. I miss the Broken Hill cinema. there maybe only one screen, but being so big it’s okay there. Mildura screens are woefully small and the seats go too far back.

Anyways, the film. Fools Gold, the latest film starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Matthew plays Ben ‘Finn’ Finnegan, the loveable loser who is always in debt and owes some dangerous gansters money. He doesn’t really have a proper job, his job and lifelong love is searching for sunken treasure with his wife, Tess (Hudsen). Well, until recently. She’s just divorced him. She wants something a little more stable in her life than Finn. Finn, however is actually stumbled on something legit for once. Sure to a couple of mishaps, he stumbles onto the cruise ship owned by rich tycoon Nigel Honeycutt (Donald Sutherland). This also happens to be Tess’ current job. It doesn’t take long for Finn to convince Tess, and then Nigel to hunt for this treasure. Sound too simple? The gansters are trying to kill Finn at every opportunity, and there’s also some ex-work partners of Finn and Tess’ looking for the same treasure. Along for the ride is the beautiful but stupid daughter of Nigel (Alexis Dziena) and Finn’s latest partner Alfonz (Ewen Bremmer).

Surprisingly I sat through this and enjoyed it. It’s not a film that will be remembered in time. It’s not a comedy but there’s a few laughs, some decent action/adventure scenes (especially at the end) and some beautiful scenery of Queensland (meant to be the Carribean). There’s not a lot of hard acting for this film, but they get through it. Gemma, the daughter, begins to grate after a while. The stupidity gets annoying, but she has a nice moment with her father later on. Matthew plays that same kind of role he usually plays in his films. Kate’s performance isn’t bad either, I enjoyed her more at the beginning when she was freaking out more over the fact that Finn has waltzed back into her life without even meaning it. Probably my fave role is Ewen’s. He’s the guy who played Spud on Trainspotting and seems to always play the small roles while the rest of the Trainspotting crew continue to make success after success, poor guy. He’s meant to be playing this loopy Russian fellow, but the accent is terrible. He’s too Scottish to be anything else.

All up, decent popcorn flick. I’d recommend to see it if you can’t think of a film both you and your significant other will both enjoy. Otherwise, it’s a rental. 3 outta 5.