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Paul Kelly touring! And updates..

I’m still around. Time has returned to some normality here in my area. Well, normal as Christmas will allow. Have two days to sort work stuff out, and pack and go back to the Hill for Christmas. Wish me luck.

I’m actually staying for a few extra days – My father (boss) will be swapping with me so I get to spend time with Mum (sister will be back in Adelaide) and catch up with another good friend. Expect more tweets and blog posts than usual, I’ll be bored and I doubt I’m going to have time to prepare the PSP before I have to go. Well, I have about a dozen or so episodes of Fringe, might even take back a couple of seasons of Buffy and actually get to properly watch it. I also have a friend in The Hill who has a more impressive DVD collection than me. I can always annoy him too.. 😉

Went and did a job today out at Wentworth visitors centre. Run of the mill job, but I got talking to the lady and Paul Kelly is coming to the Mildura area for a concert next year in March. Aussies will probably know who I’m talking about, but for the Americans he’s a well respected singer/songwriter that’s been around since the 80s. He doesn’t have the chart hits like he used to, but he’s still well respected and continues to sell albums. His last album had some surprising political tones (God told me to) for him. Here’s a link to one of his more well known songs –

(woops, I forgot he had some success as Paul Kelly and the Messengers in the US during the 80s. No matter)

Most interesting about the concert, it’s not even inside – out at the Perry Sandhills, a beautiful place all tourists should discover if ever travelling past Mildura way.

I’m certainly going. I can’t find any other information about who else is playing (be awesome if his nephew Dan Kelly was playing, but doubtful) but it’s good to see some more live music around this way. Live music is always hard to see in remoter areas of Australia.


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