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Don’t think, just rock.

Hey, hands up who remembers Juke Kartel? Don’t stress if you don’t. It’s their own fault. Or the record labels for taking so long.

Toby Rand was runner up in Rockstar, a reality show that brought us The new INXS and Supernova, a band who we haven’t heard much from since the debut. Are they still together? I wonder if Jason is kicking himself for leaving Metallica yet… Instead of picking the Aussie, they picked the guy who couldn’t sing properly, looked like some emo poster boy and Toby’s band Juke Kartel got to support. Before Rockstar they already had a track on itunes Firesign and Save Me. Both good decent rocking tracks. A soon as Toby got back, he and the band went straight into the studio and recorded the track “Throw It Away”, a fun little singalong which was a favourite on the reality show. Lead up to the debut album? Hardly. 2008 comes along and the second single is finally released. The original version is removed from the net as well. Instead we get an overproduced slick radio friendly version. Have a listen to this – demo and compare it to the new version here. They’ve put a lot of effort into it. Why, when the original was so good? To make a more commercial impact? If that was the reason, I would of released an album a little sooner while you were still in the minds of a lot of people. And if the original sounded a little off, I can get that. But they sounded good! and it’s also been 2 years since the show. Songs like Firesign sound really good too. Thinking too much on how successful you want your album just turns into Chinese Democracy.

Oh, speaking of which. The Guns N Roses album is available for preorder on Itunes. I’m curious to see the reaction when it is finally released.


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