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Some News…

First up, congratulations America. You may have gotten yourself a pretty gosh darn neat President for the next four years. Shame the Californians (who voted Obama) managed also to take a little step backwards. But hey, we in Australia can talk.

I don’t know why I haven’t mentioned it in here yet, but I’ve been talking about it on twitter and all – I own a house. It’s quite a scary proposition (oh god, there’s that word :P) but in the long run better for me. Sure, I have a whole heap of bills I now need to worry about but not wasting cash on some bugger who owns four units anymore (what what I’ve been told, they are all owned by the same guy…)

They say it’s a “townhouse”, but I just see it as a house. Three bedrooms, one biggish yard (in which a decent sized shed will be appearing once I’m actually living there) a big lounge room that scares me when I look at the pictures. Apart from a paint job, the shed and some bits and pieces, there’s no work to be done on the house at all. If I had bought this place, it would of needed quite a bit of work. Bathroom, carpet, air conditioner on the way out, paint,… you get me. The process was quite easy as well. No problems with either the bank or the real estate. I told them I have no debts, a decent job, no car or fuel to worry about and that was it! It’s in the middle of the whole “waiting for this to go through” stage where there’s lots of phone calls and signatures but they’ve got the sold sign out the front. It’s scary and exciting at the same time…


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