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Timelash, Part 1

Tonight I watched “Timelash”, a rather maligned episode of the original series of Doctor Who, and twittered Episode 1 while I watched it. It took longer than expected, but I thought I’d add it here if anyone’s interested.

  • Watching “Time Lash” for the first time ever. Even the DVD extras warn me that this ep of Dr. Who is a turkey. May comment during…
  • First up, Doctor and Peri bickering. Typical. I like how Peri’s not digging the recommendation of the Eye of Orion…
  • Rebels hiding. “They’ll throw us in the Time Lash!” Maybe it’s the 80s, but that doesn’t sound frightening in the way they wanted
  • “That is a Time Corridor” No, THAT is some bad Amiga graphics that make Windows 95 look good.
  • Well, there’s Colin Baker’s first over the top loud expression. “Bad? BAD!!!!!!”
  • Back on future world, and it’s an Andorian whose lost his Antennae. And bad laser effects that looked better 5 years ago. WTF?
  • And now we have a redesigned set from Vengeance on Varos. It’s the same big TV screen from that episode.
  • A rebel slave with lipstick. And an evil man of mystery on a chair studded with diamonds. What are they trying to say?
  • I can tell you that in the distant future we will all evolve into people with upper class English accents.
  • “The Borat has promised…” THE BORAT!?!?!?!? *checks*, No, The Borad. Shame.
  • Oh The Bandrils. So THIS is where that nerdy Dr. Who injoke comes from..
  • The Andorian’s assistant has a haircut like one of the ABBA blokes. Geez, Andromeda in the future is regressing..
  • Mygod! The guards are wearing Bee veils! Are the Bandrils some sort of insect menace or is this bad BBC costuming??
  • The Timelash. Death by bad BBC fx. *shudder*
  • Boring plot development. Andorian sounds like Robbie the Robot. TARDIS is broken again.
  • “Cure your future wife, my daughter of her stubbornness” Oh, the wonderful 80s and their views.
  • Power mad leader going out of control, check. Not a lot of Dr/Peri in this ep.
  • Hah. Android/Andorian 2 has yellow hair/black skin instead of white hair/blue skin. Same actor. HOW CLEVER!!!
  • Belt up for Time Corridor. Cause the last couple of times involved sideways camera work, I mean turbulance.
  • Hahah. Aging death ray turns you into cheap fake skeleton you find in science labs.
  • Woops. Think Android is the same one. Hah. Turbulance in TARDIS means bad camera shots and chipmunk voices
  • Oh, Borat has met The Doctor before. Of course, not in an actual episode of the show…
  • Dr’s landed, necklaces of Peri’s are being stolen… The Doc’s not too happy on their progress. They know Time Lords here, though.
  • BWHAHAHAHA! The Bandrils! They look ridiculous! I bet they were expensive at the time too..
  • Poor Peri. She may have been annoying at times, but she put up with a lot with Doc 6.
  • And then she sticks her tongue out at alien plant life. Well done. Oh, there’s a kidnapping on the way…
  • Have to admit, the underground sets don’t look that bad, although you can hear the bang as Peri walks into styrofoam
  • Oh special effects of a self moving glass on a self made ojiga board, however you spell it. We’re finally back in time
  • Oh Peri, fear the plastic snake alien creature. It could of eaten you by the time help is on its way.
  • Oh! These people have a photo of Jo Grant! Nice old school reference!
  • “Herbert” thinks the lady from the future is a spirit. He’s not sure whether she is angel or demon, but is still looking after her.
  • Hahaha. Herbert’s answer to warding off the TARDIS is a crucifix and a bible.
  • Hahaha. “Herbert” (historical celebrity not revealed as yet) snuck into the TARDIS. Doc’s expression is priceless…
  • Hah. The Doctor in the “Timelash” as a cliffhanger. Surely a Time Lord can handle something like this
  • And that’s it. Must sleep now. Sorry for taking over the timeline…. Night night…

Well, that’s Part 1. I’ll try Part 2 tomorrow night with a little more alcohol cause I think I’m going to need it. Night all.


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