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And now more serious, politics.

Going completely serious for a second, I’ve been reading Time and watching numerous American political debates. Not because I can fully understand the United States political system, more because the elections are probably the most interesting news-worthy moment for four years.

Now we have our own government sworn in for the next how-many years, it’s up to the Americans to entertain me. And I have to be honest, when it comes to scandals, The yanks do it so so so much better.

It helps me get my mind off our our current governmental situation here in Australia. The Prime Minister who promised the world and when he IS in Australia, is disappointing us time and time again, proving he’s more of the same. (apart from his home loan changes, which is helping me at the moment but which is kinda just keeping more up to date with current prices than much of a bonus, but anyways..) When I’m agreeing with the opposition leader some of the time, the man who I once told my father I’d never trust (one of the few times I agree with my father in current affairs), there’s something strange going on. Yes, Howard had to go. Now that Nelson is gone, Turnbull has stepped up and shocked me in some ways. To be honest I’d rather see Bob in the main chair but we all know that will never happen (and I disagree with him against Nuclear power. It’s something we NEED to do, just do safely).

You know whats funny? Rudd was all over social media when it came to election time. We all heard about his facebook profile etc etc. As soon as he got elected he ignores it. I don’t think he’s made an update since he’s inauguration speech. (Bob Brown still updates his, good on him…) The other Day Turnbull got on the twitter wagon. It’s pretty spare at the moment as he’s new but good on him for trying something which isn’t just a publicity stunt. I grin to think of pollies in the future during question time tapping away on their iphones, responding to people.. Hah.

Anyways, it’s sleep time now. Must crash before its ANOTHER late night.


3 Responses

  1. I bring no further insight, just congratulations. Good point. Great post.

  2. Thanks Stef. How was your holiday??

  3. Oh man, it was a solid gold megablast.

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