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Another Qld update…


17 / 9


Things progressing well in “Paradise”. Tablets finally kicking in. Throat feeling better, eyes slowly clearing up but I still look like I’ve smoke a bowl. Ear is the only thing still troubling me now. I’m not going back to that medical clinic unless I absolutely have to. I’m hardly ever sick and it usually hits me bad when I am sick.


Surfers is getting prepared for the annual Formula 1 race. In fact the street directly below me is part of the track, I think. Shame I have to leave. This is the best place. You could watch the entire thing and not have to leave the Motel. Watching the news tonight and it’s frightening to see how much development is going on here. Even just looking around – This skyscraper in 2010, this one in 2012. Such a beautiful place too. I can see why everyone wants to live here. Sure, the prices are astronomical but if I had the money I’d rather live somewhere like here than in the big city like Sydney or Melbourne.


Fringe was on local TV here tonight, it was okay. I like the idea and the acting was okay. The music was by the JJ’s usual collaborator who he worked on with Lost. I’m not too sure on the whole conspiracy angle they’ve got going on with the show. I would of liked a little more than “there’s more going on than you know blah blah blah” and the evil corporation. Maybe I’m getting sick of seeing the same thing on many different shows? I don’t know. I’m keeping with it for the time being anyway. The gory element wasn’t bad as well. I have the original test pilot on my PC at home, I’m sure there’s bits they cut out of the episode. I didn’t get to the end the first time (got distracted is all) but I’ll check it out again after the holiday.


I’m also reading Syrup by Max Barry. It’s his first book and as usual it’s a satire, this time around it’s about marketing/advertising. It’s not as creative as his later two books (Jennifer Government and Company) but I like it. Also his main character is a bit questionable with his morals. Maybe it’s just me but sometimes when I’m inside the head of a character who can be so detestable it can rub me the wrong. Movies and TV are different, you’re an observer to the action. Books are usually all inside their heads, their thoughts as well as what they say. Maybe that’s why I had such a hard time with Irvine Welsh’s book Filth. After I finish this one I think that’s what is next on the list again. I want to get through his back catalogue – There’s quite a bit.


Now I sleep. Getting late and we have to pick up my cousin from the airport tomorrow.


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