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Surfers/Queensland update..


The television show charlie jade is very very good. Im watching the last episode now and learning how to write on my new eeepc I bought yesterday. The keyboard takes a little while to get used to. I could have spent a little more and bought the 1000 but I like the slightly smaller size of it all. I could of gone to Brissie today but I generally wasn’t feeling all that well. Flu, hangover and the works. I really want to go now, but I can go another day anyways.

I ended up going to the pacific fair shopping centre to look for bags for this eee but eighty buckers – way too much. And it wasn’t a proper one – I’ll have to suss some stores out. I did get a couple of CDs however – Iggy Pop, Tool’s DVD single and a Ratcat single. The shop lady commented on the random selection of CDs, then started chatting about the new Metallica album (they had a pre store copy). It sounds okay, I think I may have to buy it. Rougher sound but actual MUSIC this time around. And a ballad or two. It’s good to see an actual music fan working at a music store. They were a little dear on a lot of Cds/DVDs, but that’s usually the case with smaller stores.

Not much else to say at the moment, Eastenders is on in the other room, one of the other guys is watching that. Still as pretty dodgy as I remember, I could get hooked on it if they had some more interesting things happen on that show.


Finally went to Brissie today. The shops weren’t as big and varied as I expected but it’s a beautiful city and I want to go again. Borders I found and that was good. Got a Max Barry novel, his first book Syrup. He’s only made three – wish I had a bit more cash to buy some of the Irvine Welsh books I found today. Once I finish Glue I’ll grab the rest online. It’s kind of annoying that most of the books I want to read aren’t available as ebooks yet. I have this sweet palm pilot that I can hardly use unless I get books I hate. Amazon’s kindle downloads won’t work on anything else.

Been incredibly sick the last couple of days. Conjunctivitis and a bad flu/sore throat on my holidays – typical. Been to a local Day/Night hospital and got some tablets and eye drops. Just taking some time to get better. It’s a pain when my Uncle and his friend are out drinking when I just don’t feel well.


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