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Queensland Trip, Part 1


It's been two days on the beautiful gold coast, surfer's paradise actually. and it lives up to the expectations as well. yesterday the wind was very nice,
first time I've seen surfers out in the ocean. I mean, Adelaide have people who give it a red hot go, but its certainly not the same.

Queensland is plagued with Irish Pubs. I don't know if its this area, or most probably seems to be the cool thing these days in terms of pubs. Went to one
last night that felt more like a larger version of the one I used to frequent a bit in Mildura.

I've got no web access at all here at the moment, Maybe it's because I'm on the eigth floor, or people are a little smarter here than in Adelaide but I can't
find wifi at all. No matter. There's a computer downstairs, currently in use as I type this so I am writing on my PC while I wait for the pc downstairs.

i might try to write something more .. eloquent ..? later? I just dont have anything brilliant to say. I have been looking around all the local stores, I
haven't seen a JB Hifi (or a decent music store) so far and I may be going to Hamilton for a weekend trip to see an old friend. I hope everyone is doing
well. Any news? Gossip? Message me about it here, I am going to be so far behind by the time I get back online....


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