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Eureka – I Do Over

You know, spoilers and what not.

Oh Eureka.

Since the beginning of this show, you have had the triangle of Carter, Alison and Stark. Nathan Stark, the ex of Alison Blake has always been the person to stop Jack Carter and Alison hooking up. In the end of Season One, we got a flash forward ten years in time episode where an accident forces Nathan to leave town and Jack and Alison finally hook up. In the future, they’re expecting a baby.

Time being very “Timey-wimey” – It’s not meant to be. Changes in the time line and a lot of complex stuff is about to cause the end of the Universe (it’s better not explaining it, it’s sci-fi technobabble). Right before one of the darkest moments of the series (standing back and watching someone die to set things correct, yes, very Star Trek) Jack turns to Alison and says “There’s nothing in the Universe that could keep us apart”.

Well, maybe. Maybe not.

The second season starts quite different from what we are expecting, of course. The time line changes and Nathan stays in town. Things happen, and by the end of season 2 Nathan drops the bombshell – “Marry me again.” Which she excepts. Series three has just started in the US and the first few episodes have been leading up to the eventual wedding. My original thought would be “hijinks ensue. something happens at the last second and Alison gets cold feet. more hijinks ensue.” Boy, was I wrong!

Episode 4 – “I Do Over” is this series version of “Groundhog Day” (I have to say, out of all of the sci-fi shows, Stargate SG1’s was the best). Poor Jack is experiencing the same day over and over again. And it just happens to be the big wedding day. After a few jumps, they find Jack is not bullshitting (great moment – Jack sings a mathematical equation) and try to fix it before, you know, typical end of the world scenario. Poor Jack keeps the injuries in every time loop and this Groundhog Day isn’t infinite. There’s only one way to save the day which involves a moment of sacrifice – Nathan Stark saves the day but is wisped away into dust almost as his particles float into the ceiling. He’s gone!

Now, most shows on TV you know most characters are safe (well, maybe not Lost). A show usually as bright and happy as Eureka I was not expecting the end of Stark like that. Okay, it’s a sci-fi show and we didn’t see an actual body – He’ll be back eventually – but it was such a “wow” moment. Pure brilliance. Let’s hope this 20 episode season can keep it up. And we get a return of Matt Frewer to the show too! (I think he’s busy in The Watchmen film).


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