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The Rocky Horror Remake Show

After reading on many different sites about peoples anger about the Rocky Horror Remake in the works, I understand.

I understand, but I don’t really care.

Why? Two reasons. Firstly, Richard O’Brien doesn’t care. He’s given it his blessing to go ahead but doesn’t care which way what happens with the project. If they were going against the creator’s wishes then maybe it would be in bad taste. And secondly, the original will always be there. It’s not like some slightly podgy and bearded geek is going to change the original on us or anything. The DVD is quite easy to buy or rent. (with Shock Treatment as a double pack – I need to get around and watch the “sequel” one day…)

I know right now the film is going to be terrible. It’s MTV who are making it. They’re making new music for it! Remakes NEVER work out. Who knows, maybe the exposure will get the newer fans to hunt out the original film in all its glory and might even revive it a little. Heard some sad news, actually. I went to an audience participation screen some years back. Fun in the Dark has been cancelled due to low audience turn out. You’ve never experienced the film until you’ve seen it in a cinema. And I don’t mean sitting down quietly with popcorn. It’s much much much much more than that. Maybe if it’s not ignored, it might get people to show this film in the cinemas again? I can only hope.


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