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And now what?

With this years season Of Who over, I’ve been thinking of what to do with this website. I really want to review Eureka when it starts airing in a few weeks time, but I want to keep the Who-theme running through-out this blog.

Okay, this isn’t JUST a blog about Dr. Who. I occasionally rant about whatever is upsetting me and whatever delicious geek news I stumble upon throughout the nets (speaking of which – Nick Courtney is returning as The Brig on the new series of Sarah Jane adventures! Wonderful news! The gut may be bigger but it’s wonderful to see such an important part of the show’s history returning to the world of Who, even if it doesn’t involve the Doctor) and following this post is going to be a “links of the week” post (mainly cause I’m sick of losing interesting news to the deeps of the internet…)

I’m also thinking about going back to the old series discs I have in my cupboard and reviewing them. Mainly for my amusement (and hopefully others). I watched “Robot” last week for a giggle and checked my extensive collection, I have a very large chuck of Tom Baker’s releases. I never bought any of the old videos but realised that it’s been a while since I’ve seen most of these.

So next week I may start with The Ark In Space. The green bubble wrap is awaiting me… 😛


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