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work and a not so dim future…

Part of my job as a technician is to install, replace and upgrade eftpos pinpads for several different banks in the greater Mildura area. It’s pretty simple – there’s a few that make me scratch my head but it’s pretty straight forward stuff.

There’s a few good things about this side of the job. 1 – I get to see more around town than the four or five regular places I used to go to. 2 – You can really see what’s going on around town. Now, you’d think in a smallish area like Mildura, you’d get maybe a handful of new installs a month? (not counting bank changes?) Wrong. This year I’ve lost count with how many new stores have opened up. It interests me. This town may have some negatives, but it must be getting bigger and bigger still. It’s good, though. I get to see some prosperity among the ‘burbs’. Unlike other places (ie Broken Hill), things aren’t getting worse…


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