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Doctor Who – Forest of the Dead

The Moffster returns in part two of his brilliant story set in a mysterious library. But not only do we get a clever original story, we also get to know more about The Doctor than we discovered since the show has started back up.

First up, I’ll talk about the story. I don’t think the monsters were as frightening as the statues were last year, but like I said, dust, shadows – Steven likes using everyday ordinary things to get kids frightened. There’s nothing more clever than that.

Probably the best thing about these episodes are what we discover about The Doctor, and what is to come. The mysterious “River Song” is, yes in fact a future companion to come. I think with Russell’s time on the show coming to an end, we have Steven Moffat’s first seeds to what is to come – and what a clever idea. We’ve only ever seen The Doctor’s future once before, but that set of stories is best forgotten anyway, and the strike put those ideas on hold, and eventually thrown out the window to start anew. The big mystery that they seem to be heading towards is the truth about The Doctors name. River whispers it to him, he loses his name at a price, at the Medusa Cascade, but the reason behind it? just keep us guessing for time. it’s obvious that the “Cartmel Masterplan” is being thrown in the bin, and I’m actually all for it. i just hope they don’t do an X-Files on us and keep teasing and never answer these questions. i’m quite happy not to know the doctors name (let’s be honest, it would be disappointing no matter what it was…) but the reasons behind it? yeah, I am. even the Donna mystery is keeping me guessing. How does she leave the show?

I have to say, the part Donna plays this week was quite good. She gets the normal happy life she never got around to having yet on earth through Virtual Reality. I would of played with that more, have the separation more disastrous and just have her with the Hubby and kids, no questions asked. but I think it worked out okay. The end part where she walks off and just misses the guy was sad. leaves an interesting thought – what would of happened if she saw him?

The part that really bugged me with the whole episode was the dealing with the monsters. It’s all wrapped up so easy – “You have the knowledge of the library, look me up” – “Okay then, I give up”. Just like that? it’s good to see that an whole race of creatures (maybe bad) get to live. i find the reactions of everyone not kicking up a fuss about leaving a little questionable, but a pretty good episode.

Definitely four out of five this week. River totally stole the show this week, and I hope she returns in the near future and is not just a clever cameo.


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