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Doctor Who – Silence in the Library


Heh, I like using that this week. It suits the whole episode.

I actually dislike reviewing two parters. You’re only getting half of the story, and so far only questions. But what questions this week! We’ve got a mysterious little girl who seems to be able to control what’s happening to The Doctor and Donna. You have a library full of killer shadows and you have a Professor who has had past experience with The Doctor. Just that The Doctor hasn’t, just yet.

Steven Moffat, in his typical brilliant way, makes the most mundane things frightening. First he gives us the statues that kill when we blink, this time its the very shadows itself. To keep us guessing, we are also seeing a little girl who somehow is involved with this all. She sees the Doctor and Donna in her head, on her television, she can control what’s happening slightly with her remote control. I think I know where this is going, but I’ll keep my thoughts to myself for the time being.

Probably the most interesting part of it all is Professor River Song. An “acquaintance” of the Doctors, except The Doctor hasn’t met her yet in his timestream. I think she’s meant to be new Who’s version of Benny Summerfield. An archaeologist exploring ancient planets who the Doctor trusts with his life? Sounds like her to me. It’s a shame they couldn’t actually get Benny on the show (Lisa Bowerman would be awesome, I know it!) but I suppose a fresh start is always good. I hope to god they don’t kill the character off at the end so none of it doesn’t happen. I’m a fan of the New Adventures, having a reoccurring character like this would be fun. Next time they meet have her meet The Doctor for the first time, where he has to pretend they’ve never met .. And the hints of Donna not lasting till the end of the season, I kinda figured that. On the commentary of The Fires of Pompeii, Catherine talks about how she just had her final day, which tells me she’s not staying on. Which is a shame. She’s no Martha, but she’s had some great moments this year. Her horror of the young Red Shirt, I mean girl dying and the tech keeping her conscious alive for a few moments was sad.

So far so good. It felt a little too rushed, you think a two parter would have a little breathing time but obviously part two is as action packed as the last. Four outta five this week.


3 Responses

  1. why do they ask for email? no one gives a real one anyway 😛

    But, on to this weeks episode- ya i agree it was action packed! But they frustrated the hell outta me when donna didn’t make it back to the tardis- i didn’t even know people could teleport into it? I guess the doctor has a backdoor acess code?

    Anyway, i just had started figuring it out and then BOOM!
    Grr, well now we can assume the following:
    1. that woman River somthing meets the doctor after donna dies, so either in the next few episodes or next season either way hes older when he mees her
    2. Donna has died either now, nope —or will somtime to come shortly 😦 but they have just foreshadowed it by taking her away suddeny like that….
    3. donna has been taken to tha wierd alternate world? Yes, thats true- wikipedia tells us so
    4.the doctor not knowing his own futre is a very interesting plot detail mmm?? me think so.
    5. how come the wiki article says that it will be guest starring proper dave-? Meaning the skull man? Or he gets brough back- hmm.
    6.lol wiki is funy, they list all cast members in each one b4 it comes out, again lol- go look, but anyway it lists donna untill the very last one so who knows if its true???
    7.that final episode looks so shweet!! look on (http://www.sylvestermccoy.com/newdoctorwho/) for details, but it will feature a lot of characters, including darlek cann and MAJOR SPOILER- donna loses her memorie at the end? WTF? but anyway im not going to try to explain it, just go to the site…..

    -DOCTOR WHO 4 EVA!!!

  2. ok im sorry- i guest has to post this here, on that site- just in case you didn’t bother to go there- it says in the comming seasons the doctor caches a cold and “temporarily” changes into a woman!! HAHAHA XD

  3. Hello hello… Whatever your name is 😛

    No, I don’t think Donna leaves until the end. I’ve heard stories that yes, she doesn’t remember what happens, I don’t think she’ll die but she’s definitely not staying for next year.

    Wiki pages are temp, I wouldn’t read much into who is guest starred until the episode is aired.

    And, I wouldn’t believe everything you read on that website. I remember some rather silly rumours on the show in the last few years….

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