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The Unicorn and the Wasp

The Doctor and Martha travel back to the twenties, meet Agatha Christie and solve a murder mystery. All in a days work.

You know, the way they were hyping this episode, they made it sound like this would be the funniest episode of Doctor Who since the Douglas Adams days. Okay, there were a few moments that made me smile but I think the humour comes from the fact whether you’re an Agatha Christie fan or not, but I did like the style of the episode. It felt like something straight out of one her books. The big “finger pointing reveal” of each of the characters, the flashbacks (even The Doctor gets a flashback! hah!) and even the scary thunder. Very tongue-in-cheek than straight out giggles, like something out of Boom Town (that episode had some funny moments).

Of course aliens are involved. You know, I realise it is Doctor Who but for once it would of been interesting to see an episode revolve around just the characters. We really get to know all the characters in this episode, and we find out it’s an alien bee. Why couldn’t of it been like a proper mystery, and just be something do do with one of them, no alienthreats involved? Also the lady who played Agatha wasn’t that great, sorry. She played her part fine, she just wasn’t as good as some of the previous historical celebrities in the past, like Shakespeare, Dickens etc. The people who played them were truly memorable.

Not much in the whole over all arc for this year (expected, being a historical episode), but entertaining enough. Probably the weak point for this year and looking forward to Moffat’s two-parter next week. 3 out of 5.


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