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I finally caught up with Lost.

Since my terrible PC crash, I’ve kinda fell behind. What do I think? I think the time delay angle is kinda weird. I don’t know exactly the rules behind the island vs. the rest of the world, but that’s normal with Lost. I just try to follow as good as I can. it’s better than Emo-jack when he was locked up, so I’ll continue to watch for the time being. Not watching much else new at the moment. Well, you could say Doctor Who, I have a proper post for that to come. Bit underwhelmed with this week. Sure, it was good. But I’m not a Christie fan and the actress who played her was far from brilliant.

Oh, you hear about Steven Moffat getting the big role after Russell leaves? It’s been rumoured some time, and such good news. His episodes are always great and if it means he gets to write the arc episodes, all the better. I did like RTD’s work, but he was far from perfect.

Also finished a book called Farthing by Jo Walton. Like old fashioned murder detective mysteries? This will be right up your alley. The twist is this is set in an alternate history. In a world where Britain couldn’t wait for America during WW2, this rich upper class conservative family, The Farthings, took power from Churchill and managed a peace deal with Nazi Germany. Some years later, England is left alone, Hitler controls Europe and is kept busy fighting Russia and Jews are even worse off. One of them is married to The Farthings daughter. (In the UK they are tolerated) He’s framed for murder and the investigator from Scotland Yard realises something sinister is going on behind the scenes.

Good book. A little too snobby for my tastes at times and the ending is cut short for the sequel, but well worth a read. Now starting to read a book called Distraction by Bruce Sterling. Will let you know.

Anyways, late now and I have another day of work ahead of me. Night all..


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