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Pc Woes

A few weeks back my PC died in the most horrible way. Updating to Service Pack 3, out of all things! Before the renistall I had completely seperate issues with World of Warcraft. Since one of their latest patches, The game would last for maybe five minutes if I was lucky and the PC would freeze. I went to the web forums and had no help there. In fact I discovered that I wasn’t the only one!

Strangely somehow I managed to fix the problem but then had the terrible system death. Since I have reinstalled and setup everything again, the same issue. Went back to the forums, and yes. More and more people. As far as I could tell, the new patch has conflicted with random Nvidia cards and there’s not a lot people can do about it. A large majority of people can still play the game so it’s business as usual. let’s keep updating. I finally gave up my monthly payments through paypal. I’m sorry, Blizzard.

Now, I can understand with a constantly evolving game like WoW, there are bound to be problems and the makers aren’t going to be able to fix them all. That’s why I think I’m prefering games on gaming consoles rather than PCs. Sure, there might be different internal parts in certain batches of 360s but just imagine if an update of GTA 4 caused a quarter of 360s from playing the game? There would be an uproar.

Yes, some games on consoles don’t have the same punch as playing a game on the PC. But they are getting better and better, and you don’t have to keep updating your 360. Yes, there are newer consoles but it’s not an every year upgrade.

I’m sorry, Blizzard. I have had a lot of fun. But Nico causes me less headaches and I’m not having to wait for half an hour so I can play. I might say hello in a year. At the moment they are promising not to delete any characters. We’ll see about that….


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