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So people…

So people….

Who in Australia here sat down watched TV’s night of nights?


Trashy TV was on the adgenda, and first up Erin, my father and I watched the “Gatecrashers” Big B(r)other special. Pretty average, but a laugh to see Nobbi’s reaction when Terri (or Nanna, as Kyle seems to call her) walked back into the house. The TV execs left the bleeper on as he went off (actually watched the uncensored moment a few minutes ago. Kinda weak actually. Just a lot of f bombs) and to see that little Corey Worthington (a kid who threw a party while his parents were away. party got out of control and was proud of the incident, played it up on the current affairs shows, got a publicist and now wants to be a professional party planner or something) shit in the house.

Actually, that was VERY VERY amusing. He got boos from the audience (causing Kyle to revert to his yob ways and telling the crowd to “shut their mouths”) and you can tell the kid was packing it on stage, and even in the house. Everyone was civil to him, but it’s kinda funny seeing “Mr. Cool” out of his depth. I find it disgusting that Ten are paying him twenty grand for this stint but I just hope the creators give him hell, make him earn it while he’s there. The three most popular web people were typical two-dimensional characters that they have been trying to get rid of. You should know by now that the audience doesn’t know shit.

As for the Logies? To be perfectly honest it was a little safe and bland for the 50th night. The clips of Logies passed were nice to see. As usual though, the over-hyped won. Kate Ritchie of course for leaving Home and Away and Chris Lilley/Summer Heights High were the big winners. Honestly, how can anyone like that shite? Self indulgent Little Britain for Australia. Oh, he got up and sung his “Bad Habit” song, but one thing I liked about that was he had some disabled teens up on stage being part of the dance number.

What else? Westlife, were Westlife. You should know my stance on pop music by now. Adam Hills, Stephen Curry and Peter Helliar (sorry, “Strauchanie”). The funniest (unintended) moment of the night was Darryl Somers up on stage for a small “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” moment with old characters Plucka Duck and Dickie Knee. Commenting on that the show should probably return to the screens was met by deathly silence from the crowd. Hahaha.

Doctor Who was very good this week. Even though Boy wonder was useless yet again (well, until the end). Nice Rose moment and a Brigadier reference made the old school fan squee with glee. “Sir Alistair” is very much alive and stuck somewhere in Peru. I hope to god this means we’ll get some sort of cameo from Nick Courtney one day. I know he’s too old to run up and down corridors these days, but even to see him behind a desk, or still happily retired with Doris… (No, I think Doris is alive. The books don’t count for the new show) And The Doctor’s Daughter? I need to see the forums for this episode. I can see it now “OMG! The Doctor shouldn’t have kids! It has to be a clone! whinge whinge whine whine”

I still have Lost and this Week’s behind the scenes of Doctor Who as well. GTA 4 has been sucking my time away. The story is a little cheesy at the moment, but it’s brilliantly made (and gruesome), easy enough for me to get the hang of it (I think I need some shooting practice though) so far. I don’t know what has been censored. I’m guessing something to do with the hookers. Australia doesn’t car about violence at all, oh no… I’m sorry New Zealand you get our copy as well….


4 Responses

  1. hmmmmmmmmm I watched Law and Order, and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Oh and G4 Tech TV.

  2. Celebrity Rehab? Oh my god. I think I need to watch this show. Who do they have?

  3. It says a lot about our shallow Australian TV talent pool that I watched Big Brother but felt the Logies were entirely missable.

    I watched my first episode of Doctor Who yesterday. the episode, Blink, I chose as it was seemingly regarded as the best. Was excellent.

  4. Blink. Nice choice. That standalone episode was written by the wonderful Steven Moffat, who also made Press Gang and Coupling. There’s talk he’ll take over the show in a few years time, and I hope its true. He’s made some of the best episodes of the new series..

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