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I’m still alive

As glados would say.

Here, have an update. I have been lazy with this thing. It’s Friday night, it’s beer o’clock and I’m waiting for someone to come round so we can get some dinner.

We, you hear? Well, apart from work insanity that’s one of the reasons I’ve been neglecting my web that little bit. πŸ™‚

Did anyone watch this last weeks Who? I really enjoyed it. Reminded me of the old school Who now we have a proper UNIT episode not just “oh hai remember us now we’re dead”. And Anything with Martha in is cool in my book. I can’t get frightened with a short arsed Sontaran though. Especially one with the voice of Mike Thecoolperson. Still the makeup is brilliant, and it’s great to see the Sontaran race properly fleshed out as characters and not the baddie of the week they were in the original series. Actually I’m surprised noone used the clone angle properly before this. Martha though – she’s getting a little too cocky for my tastes. Yeah, she’s pretty cool but you only just started travelling with The Doctor. You can’t pass judgements on what happened to Martha once she left. Oh, yeah. The Doctor’s daughter. I can’t wait to see the shitfight on the forums over that one.. πŸ™‚

Lost isn’t bad so far. Ben Linus is just brilliant, and I’m starting to think there’s shades of grey on both sides of this “evil corporations” story that’s going on at the moment. Oh yeah, Ben summoning Cerberus (or smokey, whatever its name is)? Pure awesome.

Oh yes, If you haven’t seen this already. I bring you this short piece of youtube goodness.

Plus – Awesome to see, but I can’t believe they showed it online only. I hope they can somehow add it to a flashback soon, or something. I think I know what the big surprise is going to be at the end of this year.

What else? Oh yes. Bought myself a PSP. Just so I can laze it up and watch videos in bed or when I go away. I also have Lemmings, which is an old childhood favourite. With This Play TV accessory coming out at the end of this year, I’m starting to kick myself that I didn’t save up for the ps3. Being able to copy TV onto the Ps3 HDD, transfer it to the PSP, and being able to copy it to portable drives? That’s my home entertainment system that I want. Fuck the gaming aspect. Even Blu Ray – Big deal! (I still think Blu Ray has a tough ride now that HD DVD is gone – there’s still HD downloads to consider). It would be brilliant, and I’d never get off the couch again. πŸ™‚

And how about you all??


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