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Sydney – The Wrap Up

I’ll quickly post this. In the middle of work, so haven’t had a chance to write or really check anything online yet.

The wedding was beautiful. I do have photos, so I’ll update them later. Apart from getting some old friends names mixed up on the day, I didn’t make too much of an idiot out of myself πŸ˜› The wedding was outside, sweet and full of Buffy music (geeks!) the reception was nice, was all had a nice lunch at the Botanic Gardens where afterwards we went to some pub near the Opera House for a couple of drinks, which I think was more than enough after the day.

Got no sleep afterwards. People, DO NOT STAY at the Maquarie Boutique Hotel. It’s basically a pub with rooms upstairs. The rooms are nice, the staff are nice enough but unless you want to be constantly woken all night by traffic, drunk people and sirens, It’s not worth it. Honestly, last night’s sleep in my bed was one of the most relaxing sleeps I have ever had.

Spent way to much, and discovered the ol’ Credit Card wasn’t even dented that much. Couple of weeks and it will be gone. Stressing over nothing! πŸ˜€

Oh yes. Thank you Kings Comics for feeding my addiction more and more. And thank you to the people with no computer skills. No, I have no idea who you are but you kept me in contact with the Internet world πŸ˜›


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