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Sydney trip #1

Day two here and im writing this down to either update later or whatever.

it’s absolutely amazing with no knowledge or where i was going, I managed to find both galaxy books and kings comics.
my credit card is a little heavier and i found somewhere (jb hi fi, of course) that sell the eeepcs. damn, they’re cute.

want one want one want one! i have this laptop already so it’s very very hard to justify that i need one.

went out afternoon shopping in the shops again, had to hold back friend from looking at the macbook air. yes, they look cute
but come on, waste of cash!!

then, to a japanese restaurant where i try japanese booze and am sorely disappointed. really, no different to normal beer.
maybe it’s my expectations of the japanese being amazingly cool in other ways that the beer would be slightly different.

the night ended with gelato and my friends going home for work the next day. silly people and their 9-5 jobs 😛

god damn, nice place here but I dont think I’ll stay here again. the pub downstairs has a “funk band” playing in the
evenings. the sound is nicely muffled, but the bass isnt. and it’s a pretty busy street where i am, so if its not the club
its the bloody life outside. i was very tempted to go downstairs and drink with the rest of them but i still have problems
drinking in a room full of strangers. i hate it.

anyways. its lunch and im getting hungry. meant to be meeting up with my friend, but god knows if she can leave work or

i hope everyone is doing well.


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  1. Good Blog. I will continue reading it in the future. Nice layout too.

    Aaron Wakling

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