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Organisation = fail

Ever since I lived in Melbourne, all my “backed up” DVDs have been in single slim cases. They’re pretty cheap to buy, easy to put away and apart from the weight easy to transport.

Three years later, and noone bothers to try and look for DVDs in that part of the cupboard.

I bit the bullet today and bought a couple of DVD carry cases at the local cheapo shop (Believe it or not, I could only find this storage at the local Cheap as Chips. Target? Nope. K-Mart? Not a chance. I know they’re daggy stores but am returning tomorrow.) Four hours later I have A – D sorted out, a carboard box full of plastic cases and a garbage bag of my duplicates.

This is going to take some money and time. Stay tuned.

I am planning to do something similar with my music but that’s a headache for another time. What does everyone think? I don’t think my 500 GB HDD will have the room for all my music. Probably I just might, but I have a lot of other junk on there at the moment that isn’t small. Put the sleeve, back cover and CD in a similar setup for my music?


2 Responses

  1. Oh dude, I still remember the pain of a week-long ‘CD to digital’ pilgrimage.

    Worthwhile, but painstaking.

  2. Oh good god. That is not a week. That is a month, if not more event. That’s part two, and I don’t think the 500 gigger could handle it. seriously.

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