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Ebooks, Part 2

I recently spoke about ebooks, and how Tor are releasing free ebooks? Well Simon from Bloggasm.com (p.s. – LOVE the URL) sent me this email yesterday –

I recently spoke to two sources on condition of anonymity who told me that this is just a small part of a much larger expansion for Tor that will include social networking and original online short fiction and nonfiction.

If you want to check out his post, it’s here. Sounds very very interesting. Still haven’t received any emails from Tor myself, but I’ll give them time. Probably caught them inbetween releases. And if this idea goes ahead, I’m all for it and supporting it. I love anything that pushes the boundaries online.

And now I sleep. I’ll have the new Nine Inch Nails album tomorrow morning. I’ll tell you the story then.


2 Responses

  1. I’ll be releasing my e-novel SO DARK THE NIGHT on my blog in the next 10 days-two weeks. Just got tired of waiting for the boring, moribund, out of touch publishing establishment to catch up with readers. Book publishers are getting to be as obsolete as printed newspapers, they just don’t realize it yet. I get tens of thousands of hits on my blog site–why the hell do I need a publisher or agent? Thanks to technology, we can all be Trent Reznor, in our basement offices/studios, making great art, not relying on anyone else. I love it…

  2. Send me a link when it’s out on the web. I’ll be interested to see what you bring out.

    As for the net, I’m not too adept technologically but word of mouth is a wonderful thing. I still have this dream that “the next big thing”, whether it TV, music, books or whatever will be purely e-related. I think it’s got to a point that we’ll never see a music scene like “Seattle” again. There’s too much out there.

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