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If you’ve never had a chance to read Neil Gaiman yet, shame on you!

No, seriously. He writes comics, movies, books, even the occasional TV show. A few weeks ago, Neil asked his fans online which book of his would people like to see online, free of charge?

The winning by a massive margin, was his most famous work, American Gods.

Click here if you’re curious. It’s a long book but so very worth it in the end. Neil take’s his ideas of old gods and new, and throws them into our normal, everyday world. It’s such an original idea and works so well.

I have a lot of respect for that man. Apart from being incredibly nice to his fans (he spent ten minutes finding the “right pen” when he autographed my copy of The Dream Hunters), he’s pretty up to date with his technology. Okay, I mightn’t agree with The Kindle (overpriced and underpowered) but all of his work is available in e-book format, and with extras not included with his normal books as well.

Other news from e-book world, Tor are releasing free e-books on a regular basis. This will be very interesting to see as well. I have no room anymore to read books normally. I just wish more authors would release their work in e-book format as well. I always have my Palm TX on me. It would get me reading so much more..


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  1. Hmmm what??

    You more a fan of the traditional book?

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