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Just watched the latest episode, and wow. I suggest anyone who likes TV to watch it, watch it NOW.

Torchwood is a spin off of the new version of Doctor Who. It’s set in the same fictional universe – It began as a series of references and led to a climax at the end of series 2. The show continues in Wales in the aftermath of the story. It’s been noted as “Doctor Who for grownups”. It’s 95% Earth based, this group of behind the scenes people hunt and sort out alien/supernatural threats to Earth. Head writer Russell T Davis has cleverly laid the plot for this ever since the third episode of the new series – much like a Buffy Hellmouth, Dr. Who has a “rift” running through Cardiff, where the weirdest things from space and time come through and cause our stars problems.

The first year was very uneven. With Doctor Who, this show and the childrens spin off “The Sarah Jane Adventures”, I don’t think they put enough attention into it. It was alright, but not brilliantly done. The writing was all over the place episode to episode, I had problems with the characters, they were written in a way where you were annoyed by them more than connecting with them. Season 2 though, is a complete turnaround. They took a year off, closely analyzed the show and brought it back better than ever. The first episode of season 2 guest starred James Marsters in one of the funniest episodes of Who/Torchwood yet and since then it’s only gone up and up.

The last episode involved death, in probably an episode that could no way in any shape or form EVER be shown on Doctor Who. I know some people were disappointed when the new series of Who started. After the original show finished in ’89, the Virgin series of books started which told Doctor Who in a more adult way. Cause lets be honest, without it being on the TV, it would of been doubtful young kids would be picking this up. Going from that to the new series would of been jarring (I personally loved both). These new episodes should satisfy those fans. It should satisfy any TV fans, it’s been written so you start cold without any prior knowledge of any TV shows and still enjoy it.

Check it out.


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