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And so it begins…

Hello! Terry here. Just writing an introduction post to get this thing up and started.

I’m not a new blogger, I’ve had my Livejournal account for a long long time, but it’s severely limiting in what you can do apart from blogging.

The LJ is staying – I have found a way to post to two blogs at the same time (bless you semagic), I would just like something better to link to apart from a LJ with a silly username I made up when I was about 20.


4 Responses

  1. 20, you say? Egads! Haha. I’ll check out your LJ, too. I’ve been on there for quite a while, also. I loved it, but everyone on my friends list migrated elsewhere.

    P.S. Yeah, Seesmic is 100 per cent better.

  2. Nope, I’m wrong. 21, but close. I have a lot of good friends on there, I mean I met my last GF on LJ. Nerds unite!

    Speaking of nerding it up? I like your email address. Eva! 😀 Look out for the new movie. I think it’s been fansubbed by now, but I downloaded the original Japanese movie. Sad, but amusing. And it’s basically a retelling with better artwork and CGI anyway, so you know the general gist.

  3. Nice work mate! Just watch the dual posting thing – Google doesn’t like it.

    Love the joint thus far – subscribed in that special place in my FeedDemon called “Friends” 🙂

    Later dude – thanks for supporting the show!

  4. Thanks for that Dave, what do you mean by that, google gets confused? I suppose I can always make my LJ refuse to show up in google.. goodness this is confusing.

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